Keratoconus is a progressive eye problem in which the normally shaped spherical cornea thins and develops a cone-like shape. This cone shape deflects light as it enters the eye creating distorted vision.

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Low Vision Aids 

Low vision is a loss of functional vision that persists with the correction of distance refraction. The primary causes of low vision are eye diseases, but low vision can also can be inherited or caused by an eye or brain injury. VISIQUE Optometrists is very well equipped with the latest technology from Eschenbach Low Visual Rehabilitation Magnification Devices from Germany to maximize the vision that patients still have left.

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Presbyopia, an optical or visual deficiency, which every one of us is affected by at our early 40s, is simply stated as a weakening of our ability to focus on objects at near distance. Presbyopia is due to a lessening of flexibility of the crystalline lens, as well as to a weakening of the ciliary muscles which control lens focusing, both attributable to the aging process.

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