Selim Mzannar

Do you want to see better? Visit VISIQUE!”

Selim Mzannar Owner "Mzannar Jewerly"

I, together with my daughter, discovered a group of friendly & highly qualified professionals optometrists & opticians, who since the day we stepped in such a beautiful optical boutique, have spared no efforts in order for us to find excellent options among the most attractive optical frames (such as Lindberg) together with world class lenses and contact lenses.”

HE Jorge Alvarez
Ambassador of Mexico to Lebanon

Ghassan Yammine

Great collection! Excellent service!”

Ghassan YammineMusician - General Director of Ecole des Arts Ghassan Yammine

Excellent and friendly service. I trust their opinion as everyone is very knowledgeable about lens technology and proper frame fit, extremely thorough examination.

I also love the way the glasses look and how light they feel, a very good experience.”

Mrs. Lina Fadel
Owner “Sel et Poivre”

I would like to thank you for your Birthday greetings and for the  $50 gift coupon. I celebrated my birthday with a new glasses from your Naccache branch!!

What is always impressive about the VISIQUE experience is not only the quality products and the professional assistance, but also the personal touch that you offer to your clients just like you did for my birthday!

Thank you again and keep it up!”

Rami Wehbeh

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