VISIQUE is more than a business entity. We are an optical boutique that provides the most professional optical service to the community while assuming our social responsibility. VISIQUE has the pleasure to be part of Children Cancer Center activities. We had participated in their “12 Days of Love” and Christmas Program where we donated a percentage of our revenues from each sales transaction.

As a yearly mission, VISIQUE Optometrists visits few selected schools for vision screening tests for young students.

An international study found that 10% of vision problems are discovered by chance. So in our school  visits, we do vision screening tests in a way to discover some sight problems that sometimes the students and their parents are not aware of, especially if they are monocular (only in one eye).

In 2015, VISIQUE Optometrists donated a set of visual aid instruments from Eschenbach, Germany, to the Low Vision Clinic at American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC).

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