Comprehensive Eye Refraction Exam

The refraction exam is indispensable for your eyes, allowing us to assess and detect any changes in your refraction. Moreover, during the exam, your stereoscopy, binocular, and color vision will be evaluated to make sure you have the clearest vision.

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Specialty & Regular Contact Lens Fitting

Today, there are more convenient and healthier contact lens choices than ever before. So, whatever your vision challenge is, it can probably be solved with different types of specialty contact lenses. The VISIQUE team is well trained under the supervision of Liliane Tanal Barake, O.D., M.SC., to give you the most advanced contact lens technology convenient for your eyes.

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yecare-services--Skilled staff

Skilled & Professional Staff

Our entire team is committed to providing advanced Vision Care Services in a professional and comfortable environment. We are proud to employ competent and knowledgeable staff in order to ensure that your unique needs are met.

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In-house State-of-the-Art Laboratory

VISIQUE maintains a complete lens edging laboratory in Naccache location, providing you a service to have your glasses ready in one hour*. Moreover, VISIQUE provides prescription lens materials with spherical and aspheric designs with the latest coatings: scratch-resistant, anti-reflective optics and anti-fogging. VISIQUE also offers fast repair and frame-cleaning service.

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Lens By Mail

We have developed the “LensByMail” program that makes wearing contact lenses more convenient than ever. With the LensByMail program, we will deliver your contact lenses directly to you, with no delivery charges.

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Contact Lenses Tracker and Reminder Program

VISIQUE created the Contact Lenses Tracker and Reminder Program to remind their customers that their contact lenses are due to be changed.  

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Your new glasses are warranted to be free of manufacturer’s defects, which includes material and workmanship, for one year from the date of purchase.

Get Your Glasses Ready in 1 hour!                               icon2

Our In-House State-of-the-Art Laboratory enables us to hand you your glasses in one hour at our Naccache Branch.*

*Applicable on single vision lenses

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